Case Study – Post Merger Integration: Product registration and labelling

Mergers and acquisitions inevitably result in a major change program to product registrations and packaging labeling driven from the structural, location and supply chain changes inherent in integration.

Regulatory requirements vary by country and failure to meet them can result in failure to supply.

Our team has defined, designed and led this type of change program following a number of significant mergers and acquisitions.


The Company was formed from the merger of two major Pharma companies. Integration was delivering significant financial benefit:

  • Optimisation of the corporate legal entity structure to deliver a tax efficient operation.
  • Consolidation of commercial offices and manufacturing locations.
  • Maximising the opportunities from the combined product portfolio.
This resulted in the need to change product registrations and packaging for >1,000 brands and >35,000 SKUs in a timetable defined by external regulators.

How we helped

Members from our team defined and led a programme which:

  • Established cross-company governance of the changes.
  • Defined and implemented business processes to control integration activities.
  • Developed management and communication capabilities to co-ordinate the change.
  • Established and trained central and extended cross-functional, global teams.
  • Managed the execution of the change.

The results

All changes were delivered on time, with no stock-outs or adverse regulatory events. The work received a President’s Award for performance improvement.