Artwork & Labeling Strategy to Implementation

Packaging and artwork present a significant compliance risk. These two elements represent one of the main causes of recalls in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. For many companies, their current capabilities are struggling to meet today’s requirements.

There are important and immediate business challenges facing the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Delivering many new products variants into as many different markets as quickly as possible is vital for their short and long-term viability. At the same time, they need to enhance their reputation with regulators, governments, the public and other key stakeholders.

Prior to undertaking any complexity reduction activities it is important to understand and document these requirements to:

  • Ensure they are clearly defined and met
  • Ensure they are maintained as needed
  • Ensure appropriate control can be provided to prevent further non-essential requirements emerging
Proofreading of Packaging and Labelling

Proofreading is a critical quality control step in the process of ensuring that the packaging labelling and artwork of finished pharmaceutical and medical training devices is correct. Mistakes in this artwork can put patient safety at risk, damage reputations and lead to recalls. Therefore, ensuring that there are adequate processes, people, facilities and tools in place to perform high quality proofreading activities is essential.

Be4ward Can Help

Recognizing that these elements are a problem common to all of its clients, Be4ward offers e-learning and face-to-face training on the topic.

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