German serialisation pilot due to begin in January 2013

German serialisation pilot due to begin in January 2013

In January 2013 securPharma are planning to start a medicines serialisation pilot designed to demonstrate the requirements of EU Directive 2011/62/EU in the German market. securPharma is a German organisation involving the whole German pharmaceutical supply chain in improving supply chain security.

The pilot follows the model of the previous Swedish EFPIA Pilot in that it will apply 2D codes to the smallest saleable units and allow them to be authenticated at the point of dispensing. We expect that the 2D code will contain a product code, batch identification, expiry date and a serial number.

The main difference between this pilot and the original EFPIA pilot is that it will be supported by two distinct national databases, one accessible to pharmaceutical manufacturers and the other accessible to pharmacists. This arrangement gets around one of the key data security objections which appeared to prevent the initial EFPIA pilot being performed in Germany.

If you have any more information about the proposed pilot, please add comments.

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