Packaging Complexity Management Tip 16: Build flexibility into packaging equipment

Packaging Complexity Management Tip 16: Build flexibility into packaging equipment

Have you got the right type of packaging equipment that provides suitable levels of flexibility?


It is often tempting when specifying equipment to specify the fastest packaging lines.  Indeed, due to being pressured for ever increasing levels of efficiency, most packaging operations would love to be producing high volumes of few variants as fast as possible.

However, as we have discussed, the healthcare marketplace is increasingly not like that, as volumes are decreasing and complexity is increasing.  It is therefore important when specifying packaging equipment to ensure that the correct criteria for how the portfolio needs to be supplied are defined and agreed.

Trends are driving this to much more flexible machinery that can be easily changed for different pack formats, with the ability to insert specific modules when required (e.g. serialisation printing modules), or the ability to split fill and pack lines to permit part packing.

Due to the capital costs required, it is unlikely to be feasible to re-equip packaging facilities at a later date.  Therefore, making the right choice of equipment to support your expected portfolio and supply strategies is a critical strategic decision.

This is the sixteenth of a series of 20 blogs giving a view of methods to deal with packaging complexity. Please help me improve the thinking by adding your comments and share this with others who may have a view.

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  • Nowadays, a company needs an instant access to complete what customers want. By having a high quality machines, will help them cut the operational costs and increasing profits. Moreover, It’s harder to maintain an old customer than finding the new one so that a company needs sophisticated machines to maintain their business.

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