Causes of Proof Reading Errors 3 – Not proofreading the complete document

Causes of Proof Reading Errors 3 – Not proofreading the complete document

Packaging artwork contains information and elements such as barcodes and Braille from many different sources. In many cases, this information becomes available, or final, at different stages in the process of preparing and approving the artwork.

We have encountered situations where artwork has been proofread and approved at a stage in the process where all the information was not yet included in the document. Subsequently, this information was added to the document without further adequate proofreading activity being performed. Clearly this situation introduces the risk that the new information added to the artwork is incorrect and finds its way onto finished product unchecked.

Furthermore, as we will discuss in greater detail later, there is also the opportunity for inadvertent changes to be made to the artwork during this information addition which again could find their way onto finished product.

Therefore, the artwork process should ensure that all elements of the artwork are present and appropriately proofread.

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