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Training Course: Packaging Artwork Document Verification and Proofreading

This course helps professionals involved in the checking, proofreading or approval of packaging labelling and artwork documents to ensure that they eliminate errors critical to patient safety.


Educational research has shown that students who can work together during training are much more likely to complete a course successfully. Therefore, in addition to the above, you will get membership of an exclusive discussion group where you can get help from and share experience with other students on the course.

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Course Structure

Each module provides you with:

  • Audiovisual lectures from an expert
  • Self study materials
  • A test to ensure you have understood the critical elements of the module

At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate you can add to your training record.

Course Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. The Content of a Packaging Artwork

  3. Why Proofreading is Important and How Mistakes Are Made

  4. Manual Text Checking

  5. Electronic Text Comparison

  6. Manual Graphical Checking

  7. Electronic Graphical Comparison

  8. Technical Check

  9. Workplace

  10. Competence and Ongoing Learning

  11. Close