About Us

Trusted Experts in Serialisation and Artwork

Sustainable Value

We strive to deliver sustainable value for our clients. In our experience, this is almost always best achieved through a collaborative endeavour between our consultants and your team.

Pharmaceutical Sector

We primarily work with Pharmaceutical industry companies. We have knowledge across the supply chain and therefore can add value working with manufacturers, generic companies, distributors and healthcare providers.The nature of our skills and knowledge mean that we can also work with other highly regulated industries.

Global Scope

The scope of many companies in the Pharmaceutical sector is global. Many of the business issues stem from the fact that these businesses have to operate in many different countries. Our team are drawn from the world’s largest global companies and therefore fully understand these challenges and how to deal with

We are happy to support our clients in any country that does not present a security risk to our team. We have two bases, one in London, UK and the other in Montreal, Canada.

Deep Subject Matter Knowledge and Excellent Consulting Skills

Our team come with a combination of deep subject matter knowledge and excellent consulting skills.

Diverse Engagements

We work on many types of engagement, ranging from strategy development, programme and project initiation through to implementation. Our involvement in these engagements varies depending on the capabilities of the client and how we can add most value. We manage projects for some clients, whilst at the other end of the scale we provide one to one coaching for others.


We believe in a collaborative style of consulting. The majority of our team are drawn from senior management of the global life sciences industry and consulting organisations. This enables them to quickly understand the business context within which our clients are working and discuss and present topics in a way that your senior team can quickly understand.


We pride ourselves on our independence. Whilst we have knowledge of the supply base in our areas of specialism, we do not have any financial arrangements with other suppliers.

Furthermore, being a niche consulting company, we do not have the desire or capacity to create large projects and sell our clients large numbers of consultants. We focus on providing high value input to help you solve your business problems.


Our team has won many Awards for their work through out the years. Here are some of the most important received from the industry.



President's Award
  • Excellence Award for France Coding Project
  • Innovation - Global Pack Management Project
  • Excellence Award for Global Pack Management Upgrade
  • Performance Improvement - Corporate Legal Entity Integration
British Quality Foundation
  • Four Star Quality Award - Pack Management Service Center Operation
Food & Drug Packaging
  • Drug Packer of the year 2004
Starpack Gold Star Award
  • Late Pack Customisation