About Us


We are an international team of subject matter experts and implementation specialists dedicated to improving and enhancing healthcare product lifecycles, from packaging through to patient.

Our team apply a potent combination of extensive experience with world class consultancy skills to deliver transformative solutions to meet each client’s unique business needs.

As published authors and industry speakers, our expertise is in demand from statutory, regulatory and standards bodies for shaping public policy.

We collaborate with our clients to craft holistic solutions to achieve their business goals of improving patient safety, accelerating the launch process, and transforming supply chains across the globe.

Who We Are

Our expert team engages with pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and consumer healthcare companies. We guide our clients to optimise their operations throughout the entire product lifecycle, across the supply chain, from packaging through to patient.

Established for over ten years, Be4ward has tried and tested ways of working and a proven record of success.

As published authors and industry speakers, our expertise is in demand from statutory, regulatory and standards bodies for shaping public policy.

How we support our clients

Our unique expertise helps our clients to deliver transformational change including the following areas of their healthcare product lifecycles:

Secondary Packaging and Distribution Supply Chain Design

Pharmaceutical Product Launch and Portfolio Management

Product Complexity Management, Late Customisation and Postponement

Finished Goods Supply Chain Process Development

Product Traceability, Serialisation and Anti-Counterfeiting capabilities

Packaging Design, Labelling and Artwork Management

Post-merger or Acquisition Brand Integration

Meet The Team

How we work with our clients

The team’s excellent consulting skills mean they can rapidly apply their extensive knowledge base so that clients get the targeted help they need.

Informed by a wealth of practical experience, we bring proven capability models and methods to help design and implement efficient, effective and targeted solutions.

We optimise solutions to benefit the whole operation, rather than simply solving pain point problems.

We help clients across a wide spectrum of engagement types ranging from individual coaching on specific subject matter, through to managing transformation programmes.

Why work with us?

With a unique combination of practical experience, deep subject matter expertise and excellent consulting skills, we consistently deliver the highest value outcomes for our clients.

As renowned subject matter experts, we work hand-in-hand with statutory, regulatory and standards bodies to advise and establish worldwide industry standards.

Our highly qualified team of consultants collectively possess a diverse skill set, informed by decades of practical experience gained from working on the factory floor to working with the boardroom.

Extensive global, multi-cultural and cross-functional experience enables us to design fit-for-purpose solutions delivering immediate value.