Causes of Proofreading Errors 12 – Not ensuring that people have quality time to do their work

Causes of Proofreading Errors 12 – Not ensuring that people have quality time to do their work

As anyone involved in Quality will tell you that not providing adequate quality time to perform tasks is a sure way to introduce errors and non-compliance. Proofreading is no exception to this rule and seems to suffer particularly badly due to the nature of artwork changes and the position of proofreading in the artwork process.

Firstly, for many organisations, the artwork process is often poorly understood or appreciated. This often leads an organisation to systematically expect the tasks involved in the process to be performed in less time than can be reasonably expected.

Secondly, the nature of artwork changes means that they are often on the critical path of getting product out of the factory. This further increases the time pressures.

Thirdly, proofreading occurs towards the end of the process, at which point, any time pressures are magnified as things are often already running late.

It is easy for management to forget that, even if only small changes are being made, there is no essential difference to the time it takes to perform proofreading tasks.

Therefore, we would recommend that effort is put in to a number of things to help this situation:

  • Explaining to the organisation the requirements of proofreading.
  • Setting standard times for proofreading activity.
  • Monitoring performance and taking corrective action where issues occur.
  • Monitoring workload on proofreaders to ensure they have adequate capacity on an ongoing basis.

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