Artwork Auditor Tip 18 – Do individuals have an appropriate working environment?

Artwork Auditor Tip 18 – Do individuals have an appropriate working environment?

Many of the tasks involved in the end-to-end artwork process require a great deal of focus and attention to detail on the part of the individuals performing them. Some tasks also require specific tools to be able to them correctly.

Consideration should be given to the requirements of each task and measures taken to ensure that the appropriate environment is put in place to allow the individuals to do their tasks effectively and efficiently.

All individuals responsible for creating or reviewing artwork documents should be provided with a working environment that allows them to focus in the activity without undue distraction. Where dealing with large artwork documents such a multi-language leaflets, they should also have the physical space to deal with the paper documents, or large screens to deal with them effectively electronically.

Where individuals are doing specific tasks such as proof reading, requiring frequent long periods of intense concentration and attention to extreme detail, consideration should be given to providing purpose designed office space for the task: distraction free; well lit; adequate surface area; comfortable seating etc.

When auditing artwork capabilities, review a sample of the working environments of people carrying out tasks in the process to ensure good housekeeping. Pay particular attention to proof reading environments to ensure they are acceptable for the activities that need to be carried out.

This is one in a series of blogs giving a view of the Top 20 things auditors should think about when reviewing packaging and labelling artwork management capabilities in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and other highly regulated industries. Please help me improve the thinking by adding your comments and share this with others who may have a view.

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