10 tips for developing a serialisation strategy – Tip 9: Implement effective cross-functional governance

10 tips for developing a serialisation strategy – Tip 9: Implement effective cross-functional governance

Given the cross-functional and cross-organisational nature of the serialisation capabilities, establishing the right inclusive leadership and governance is key to the long-term success of the activity. All stakeholder groups involved in the delivery of the serialisation capability need to contribute effectively or the whole process is at risk of failure. Therefore, all parties must buy into their roles in the processes and actively contribute to them. This will rarely happen if they are simply passive bystanders in the design of the capabilities or the delivery of the resulting activities.

A cross-function governance team should therefore be established to steer the definition, establishment, ongoing delivery and development of the overall serialisation service across the multiple stakeholder groups involved. This governance body should include membership from all of these stakeholder groups involved in the processes, including, where appropri­ate, external service providers. Typical activities that would be included in the role of such a Serialisation Governance Team include ensuring:

A clear vision and strategy is defined and communicated.

  • Decision making is taken with all impacted parties, at the right levels in each of the organisations involved.
  • A ‘Target Response’ is defined that specifies what the organisation must achieve and by when, given the current state of legislation and the organisation’s considered view of how and when capabilities are required.
  • Changes to the target response are carefully managed and cascaded to all impacted groups.
  • Appropriate approval serialisation capability designs.
  • The performance of the serialisation service is meeting business needs.
  • The programme of legislative responses and improvement activities are prioritised and approved.
  • Resources are in place for the serialisation service and improvement activity.
  • Stakeholder group conflicts are effectively resolved.

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