10 tips for developing a serialisation strategy – Tip 7

10 tips for developing a serialisation strategy – Tip 7

The need for flexibility

Serialisation legislation and responses are emerging across the globe from multiple different parties. Whilst often based of standard building blocks, the detail of the requirements shows significant variation. Whilst this is frustrating and a global set of common standards and solutions may be more cost effective, it is the reality of the situation and companies need to develop solutions to cope with it. This is why many companies have held back from progressing their serialisation projects for fear of developing the wrong solutions or backing the wrong technologies.

Furthermore, capabilities required to deliver additional benefits from serialisation capabilities installed initially to meet legislative requirements also need to be considered.

Therefore when developing your serialisation strategy, you need to be thinking of not just known, but also emerging and likely requirements. Solutions designed need to have a sufficient degree of flexibility to be able to cope with these requirements. This is not easy, but is a key challenge that must be made aware to solution design teams.

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