10 tips for developing a serialisation strategy – Tip 8

10 tips for developing a serialisation strategy – Tip 8

Define and agree some governing principles

The next tip addresses developing and agreeing the key principles required to govern the life cycle of the serialisation capability. These principles should provide guidance for teams on what is permissible or not and would be approved and managed via the governance team.

Examples of principles could include:

  • A single serialisation enterprise management system will be implemented and used by all supply chain nodes for transmission and receipt of serialisation numbers.
  • A single serialisation issue investigation capability will be established with a physical presence in each geographic region.
  • Supply nodes must ensure they have competent local capability to support installed on-line printing and verification equipment.

The benefit of such principles is that they clearly define the ‘rules of the game’ to all parties, thus providing a boundary and a decision making framework for the development of solutions. If anyone would wish to go outside of or change a principle, they would have to gain permission from the governance team.

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