Brazil – Are we on the starting blocks again and is the end of 2016 risk over?

Brazil – Are we on the starting blocks again and is the end of 2016 risk over?

Not only have Brazil decided what to do about their President this week, but they have also made another significant step towards passing new serialisation legislation. This is good news because it means we are a relatively small step away from the current law, with it’s end-2016 deadline for full serialisation, being superseded.

On Tuesday this week, the Brazilian Commission for Social Security and Family passed the latest version of the new serialisation law PL4069/2015 (PLS 276/2015 in the Senate). It will now go for constitutional verification and then be sent to the President for signature. Assuming all goes well, this new law may be approved in October, starting the clock on the implementation timeline.

Great news for the many companies who had either completely stopped work on Brazil serialisation late last year, when the 2015 Pilots requirement was suspended, or had only proceeded with pilot work. There was always a risk that the current legislation would not be superseded.

See a previous blog for an outline of what is in the new legislation. I will have more on the details in an upcoming blog.

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