Value Beyond Serialisation Compliance: Create a More Intelligent Supply Chain

Value Beyond Serialisation Compliance: Create a More Intelligent Supply Chain

Leveraging serialisation investment to advance your supply chain and improve patient safety

In over 40 countries, regulatory mandates to secure the supply chain are already in place or in development. If you are currently on your serialisation journey, it’s time to consider the value of your investment beyond compliance. In this blog I will share some of the immediate benefits that our clients have explored to; prevent counterfeiting in non-legislative markets, assist in product approvals, improve supply chain visibility, increase packaging operations effectiveness and enhance the patient experience, adherence and persistence – all as a result of leveraging their serialisation investment.

Prevent counterfeiting in non-legislative markets: Companies may have significant counterfeit risk in markets where serialisation is not mandated. Prior to having to implement serialisation capabilities for legislative reasons, it probably would not have been viable to invest for these currently non-regulated markets. However, the marginal cost of serialising additional products using existing capabilities is small, therefore may now be viable.

To further enhance the benefit of serialising such product, companies can also offer the downstream supply chain and patients the ability to authenticate product. This can be done through websites or smart device Apps, that are using services provided by a company’s serialisation system. Typically, the incremental cost of such a service is relatively small.

Assisting in product approvals: Some of our clients have researched the use of serialisation track and trace in their supply chain to assist in product approvals. Some clients have recognised that being able to demonstrate to authorities tight control of a product once it is in their market, can better enable them to get that product approved locally. Like preventing counterfeiting in non-legislative markets, this may include adding things like supply chain partner and patient apps to your serialisation capability to give those downstream partners information on the product and it’s use.

Improving supply chain visibility: Companies can take the opportunity of using information already being gathered by their serialisation solutions to improve the visibility of stock and product movement within their supply chain. Companies can either use their serialisation systems to provide that visibility or tie that information stream into other business intelligence engines.

Improving packaging operations effectiveness: Serialisation technology can provide a detailed insight into the operation of individual packing lines. The information gathered can be used to assess and improve the effectiveness of both internal and external packaging operations. As with the previous examples, mining this vast amount of data for useful information can be done using existing serialisation systems, or by connecting the existing data feed to other BI tools.

Improving the patient experience, adherence and persistence: I often speak with clients who are looking for new ways to create a more valuable experience for their patients. Serialisation provides the unique identification of individual packs in a scannable form. If this unique information can be coupled with smart device Apps, it can help patients and/ or healthcare professionals ensure patients take the right medicine, at the right time for the course of a prescription.


We hope this information was helpful and that it has given you some idea about how to leverage the significant investment that you are already making in serialisation technology. If you would like to talk to us about our ideas and experience in this area, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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