Operation and Support



As a labelling and artwork programme progresses through initial implementations, the need to operationalise the new capabilities will become necessary. The implementation of new systems will require user and system support that may not have been necessary in the past.  Some aspects of these new labelling and artwork capabilities may be absorbed into existing organisation responsibilities. However, there will often be some new or significantly enhanced support capabilities to be put in place.

If this requirement is not dealt with early in the life of a labelling and artwork programme, there is a significant risk that the programme and project teams will be pulled away from their new capability implementation activity to deal with operational troubleshooting. Whilst solving the immediate operational needs, this will inevitably result in risk to the delivery of the remainder of the programme.

Be4ward has experience in helping clients define and design support capabilities that address the particular cross-functional and often cross-organisational issues associated with end-to-end labelling and artwork solutions.