Legislative and Business Drivers



The first challenge for many organisations with regard to serialisation is trying to understand the serialisation legislation across the world, both currently in force and that being developed. Unfortunately, information is not readily available to support this activity. Furthermore, it requires in-depth serialisation knowledge to interpret the often complex and imprecise legislation in a way that is actionable by project teams.

Companies need to remember that it is often too late to act on legislation once it has been finalised. It is necessary to make risk-based assessments of evolving legislation and act accordingly ahead of time. We use our Target Response approach to facilitate this.

Be4ward has an in-depth knowledge of serialisation legislation, both existing and emerging. We also have a great deal of experience in helping clients work with their local regulatory and legal teams to interpret emerging legislation in a timely manner.

Be4ward has experience in helping clients define and design support capabilities that address the particular cross-functional and often cross-organisational issues associated with end-to-end serialisation solutions.


Serialisation not only enables companies to meet legislation, but also has a number of other benefits.

Many organisations recognise that it is part of a broader product security strategy. The technology can be used within this context to assist with such things as identifying and preventing counterfeiting, fraud and undesirable parallel trade.

Other organisations are using the technology to help drive product adherence through the integral use of such things as patient smartphone applications.

Serialisation also offers the opportunity to provide product supply chain movement information, regardless of whether a market has track & trace legislation. This in turn opens up many opportunities which can be leveraged by sales and marketing organisations.

The Be4ward team has developed product security strategies with clients as well as working on a number of these types of other benefit areas.