Programme and Project Implementation


The core of most serialisation activity for many organisations is running a programme of projects to put a variety of different capabilities in place. Be4ward works with many organisations to help deliver all aspects of this implementation activity.


Designing the most appropriate solutions, be they serialisation packaging line systems, enterprise EPCIS systems or the myriad of other capabilities that are required for an effective end-to-end serialisation solution is at the core of what the Be4ward team of serialisation subject matter experts do.

We have experience in designing the most appropriate solutions for our clients no matter how large or small their organisation is, however complex or straight forward it may be. We are also very used to dealing with virtual organisations, where many of the capabilities that are required will need to be delivered through third party organisations such as contract manufacturers and logistics providers.

The end result of much of the design process is a set of design documents. Through our extensive experience, our team has developed a number of tools that help us ensure that we can help clients to author comprehensive design documentation in a timely and efficient manner.

Be4ward prides itself on its independence from the supply base. This allows us to help clients make the impartial decisions that are critical to their success.


Implementing serialisation capabilities necessarily involves selecting a number of different vendors to provide different aspects of the end-to-end solution. Many of these purchases are significant and, for many organisations, require a significant amount of rigor to ensure that the most appropriate providers are selected.

To complicate matters further, the supply base for critical serialisation solutions is relatively small and immature and, increasingly, under capacity. Be4ward's experience in selecting and working with many vendors can provide clients with critical insights that they would otherwise not have access to in the procurement process.

Be4ward is often employed by clients to assist in the overall procurement process. Indeed, we can run the entire procurement process if necessary. Our involvement often includes such aspects as:

  • Authoring requirements documents
  • Authoring procurement process documents
  • Analysing vendor responses and responding to their questions
  • Running and/or participating in vendor interview/demonstrations
  • Summarising and presenting recommendations to senior management


Serialisation is no different to any other complex, multi-disciplined, multi-organisational programme, it needs a bespoke set of plans to ensure optimal delivery in any particular situation. Furthermore, these plans need to be designed to be adaptable to the inevitable challenges and changes that will occur.

Having been involved in many serialisation programmes and in various roles, we have the experience in developing and executing serialisation programme and project plans.

When planning serialisation activities, our clients gain access to a wealth of planning knowledge that has been tried and tested.


Serialisation is a relatively new topic and the pool of people who have the relevant skills and experience in the area are becoming increasingly difficult to find as the demand for their services mushrooms.

One of the initial challenges an organisation faces when embarking on a serialisation journey is to understand what roles they will need to support their programme. Be4ward can assist in helping design appropriate teams, define role specifications and assist in the selection process.

Furthermore, Be4ward has access to a broad range of suitably skilled and experienced team members available to our clients on a full or part time basis. The types of consultants we typically provide to clients include:

  • Senior subject matter experts
  • IT architects
  • Business analysts
  • Equipment engineers
  • Validation specialists
  • Programme and project managers

If you are struggling to design your team or staff, please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss how we might help.


For the majority of companies, applying the appropriate quality standards and processes to a programme and their resulting capabilities is critical to success.

Our team has worked with many clients to help define and implement the appropriate approaches to the quality and validation aspects of serialisation, from the on-line inspection of product coding to the validation of enterprise EPCIS solutions.


Financial estimates are critical in many organisations to secure the appropriate finance to implement new capabilities.

Serialisation is relatively new to many organisations, so reliable estimates are difficult to develop without the benefit of experience.

The Be4ward team has the experience of multiple projects that they can use to help companies develop thorough and robust estimates.