Strategy Development



Be4ward's strategy development service brings together a number of our serialisation products to help organisations develop an initial understanding of how to tackle serialisation. Typically, strategy development would include:

  • Understanding the current and future legislation
  • Impact of the legislation on the company's supply chain, including any opportunities that might present
  • Initial high level designs of the serialisation solution architecture
  • High level roadmap for managing these impacts and the resulting new capabilities that will need to be put in place
  • Cost and resource impact estimation
  • Plan for the next phase of activity

Given the situation that some organisations find themselves in, it may also be appropriate to develop some key documents in parallel with the strategy activity to ensure effective mobilisation of the programme. These might include such things as key user requirements specifications and supplier selection documents.

It must not be forgotten that the environment within which serialisation operates changes over time. Legislation is clearly evolving, but also a company's product portfolio and supply chain evolve over time. Therefore, organisations need to consider how they periodically refresh their serialisation strategy on an ongoing basis.


Serialisation is a costly undertaking and, for many organisations, simply serialising their existing supply chain is not an economic proposition. Indeed, for many organisations, serialisation can be a catalyst to changing the way in which their packaging supply chain is configured.

Be4ward has a great deal of experience in defining alternative supply models to optimise the overall cost and impact of serialisation. Some of these options can be adopted for tactical reasons, to get over otherwise insurmountable short-term deadlines or serialise low volume products, whilst others provide long term opportunity to reconfigure the supply chain.