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We share our extensive experience in Serialisation, Artwork, Packaging Supply Chain and Legal Entity in our Experts’ Publishing page to help you tackling your projects. Feel free to download any of them and share them with your colleagues. You can also request a hard copy just by filling the form.

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You can have a sneak peek on some of our projects.

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You want more info on those topics? Read the blogs of Andrew and Stephen on Serialisation and Artwork.

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The countdown to EU Falsified Medicines Directive (EU FMD) compliance is underway. With fewer than two years until the serialisation compliance deadline takes effect, industry serialisation leaders, Optel Group, Be4ward and Verify Brand, present a free 60-minute webinar for pharmaceutical organisations that must comply with EU FMD. The webinar, “How to Develop a Robust Plan with Rapid Implementation,” provides pharmaceutical companies with the tools to develop a comprehensive strategy and implementation plan in advance of the February 9, 2019 EU FMD compliance deadline.

 With 32 countries across Europe being affected by the EU FMD legislation, this webinar will help pharma companies avoid supply interruption, identify key solutions tailored specifically for rapid implementation, and implement EU FMD solutions with minimal impact to organisational resources.

 The webinar presenters are all experts in the field of serialisation: Jean-Pierre Allard, Chief Technology Officer at Optel Group; Stephen McIndoe, Be4ward Serialisation Practice Vice President; and Dhermita Desai, Verify Brand Senior Project Manager. Webinar topics include:

 an overview of the EU FMD legislation — where we are now, the implications of EU FMD on an organization, and complex implementation scenarios pharma organizations may encounter;

  • the key elements of successful EU FMD planning and execution;
  • how to make sure that your packaging meets EU FMD product tamper evidence requirements;
  • how to ensure that your serialisation software seamlessly connects to your trading partners and delivers all your EU FMD requirements (e.g., configuration, validation, initial and ongoing support).

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