Is the commercialisation strategy for the product and therapy and the subsequent value of complexity understood?

Different products will have different requirements for the complexity of the packaging componentry and SKU portfolio. This can be driven from many factors, including but not limited to:

  • · Therapeutic, titration and dosing requirements
  • · Unmet medical needs
  • · Legislative requirements of countries the product will be marketed in
  • · Competitor activity and the competitive environment
  • · Commercialisation strategies for the product
  • · Market positioning and product cost profile
  • · Product lifecycle, line extension and patent expiry strategies
  • · Combination products, starter packs, special usage requirements and other opportunities to assist patients and healthcare providers
  • · Product protection, temperature and security requirements
  • · Likely local dispensing requirements

Prior to undertaking any complexity reduction activities it is important to understand and document these requirements to:

a) Ensure they are clearly defined and met

b) Ensure they are maintained as needed

c) Ensure appropriate control can be provided to prevent further non-essential requirements emerging

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