Getting artwork right is a critical requirement for companies providing products to healthcare providers and patients, whether they be pharmaceuticals, biologicals or medical devices manufacturers. This relies on having the right capabilities in place – processes, tools and skills. Proofreading is a key part of these capabilities.

Pharmaceutical Artwork Proofreading can be seen as one of the last defences before the drug product is released to production, yet, few people involved in proofreading have had formal training in the different aspects of manual and electronic proofreading. Where else would you encounter a critical quality control task that was not supported by formal, recorded training?

Artwork recall remains one of the highest causes of recall in the healthcare industry and carries the risk of serious consequences for patients.’

This is the reason why Be4ward artwork experts have put together this one of a kind web-based training created to help artwork professionals, whether they are in artwork, central and local country regulatory, packaging engineering or other teams providing critical data to be fully capable and competent in this topic.

Check out the 10 modules of this comprehensive web-based course:
  1. Introduction
  2. The Content of a Packaging Artwork
  3. Why Proofreading is Important and How Mistakes Are Made
  4. Manual Text Checking
  5. Electronic Text Comparison
  6. Manual Graphical Checking
  7. Electronic Graphical Comparison
  8. Technical Check
  9. Workplace
  10. Competence and Ongoing Learning
  11. Close
It is not easy to attend a training while having a full-time job. This web-course has been created with this in mind to make it easy to study at your own pace:

  • To know what you have to do to be a capable proofreader

  • To help you do your job efficiently and effectively

  • To minimize errors and ensure right-first-time labeling and artwork

  • To keep up and stay ahead of the competition, learning state-of-the-art practices

If you are a professional involved in the checking, proofreading or approval of packaging labelling and artwork documents, this course will help you ensure that you do your job efficiently and effectively and help eliminate patient safety-related errors.

Whether you are a full-time proofreader, a regulatory or in-country representative, this course is for you.

Very easily, by registering online on our training page, follow this web-based course at your pace with all the information and help from seasoned artwork professionals. Your management will see the benefits:

  • It helps you better meet the regulatory requirements

  • You improve your performance

  • It is easier than organizing an on-site session for the entire team, impacting heavily on the whole Artwork Service

Once successfully completed, a certificate is provided for inclusion in your training record.