Switching your serialisation supplier, it’s just a wrong turn, but you need to turn around now.

Written by Be4ward on 26/10/2020

Switching your serialisation supplier, it’s just a wrong turn, but you need to turn around now.

In the current climate, with the increasing threat of product falsification and supply chain interruption and an ever-evolving landscape of legislation, robust serialisation and traceability solutions are more crucial than ever. One of the principal drivers in the success of your serialisation strategy is your platform supplier and partner selection. Ensuring you pick the best system provider for your operation is imperative not only for the success of your serialisation strategy, but to maintain your product’s viability in many of the world’s markets. For this reason, most company’s serialisation journeys are already well underway, but the road is not always clear and often plans need revisiting and revising. One such reroute could be that you have taken a wrong turn and find you need to change your platform provider mid-journey. This is not a problem, but you need to act quickly.

Why change?

There are many reasons why you may find yourself needing to reassess and move your level 4 serialisation platform. It could be that your current supplier is no longer in business or withdraws the product and support services. Maybe the current platform was put in as a short-term measure and is no longer fit-for-purpose. You may need a more affordable alternative, or developments in the scale of your operation could be prompting the change. Regardless of the reason, you’re heading to a dead end, turn around now. Timing is critical here and the move must be made to a new platform without delay to enable continuity of business and avoid potential risk to your operation.

The task ahead…

The good news is that you have already crossed the first big hurdle. Launching and refining your first serialisation capabilities represent the bulk of the effort in the process. Making the switch to your new platform is more straight forward, as the hard work of the initial implementation is done. Yet, returning to the drawing board of supplier selection can be a daunting prospect, particularly since the market, and possibly your business, will have evolved significantly since your original research.

There are many factors to consider and potential pitfalls to avoid when selecting your system supplier and finding the right platform for your business – flexibility, scalability, off-the-shelf versus bespoke, costs including hidden fees, timeframes, customisation opportunities, interfacing with partner systems and global standard capabilities, to name just a few. To prevent risk to the supply chain, your platform transfer process needs to be smooth, swift and seamless. There is no one-size-fits-all solution in this complex space, every single operation requires unique assessment and bespoke solution.

Here to help

At Be4ward we have significant, deep subject matter expertise in the traceability and serialisation space. Many of our team have worked in this area since its inception and have charted and even shaped every milestone along the way. This unique resource is available to help you navigate this next stage of your serialisation and traceability journey. We know the pitfalls to avoid and are highly qualified to assist you with assessing, selecting and implementing the ideal platform.

Experienced Our expert team has significant experience in working with all the key players in the traceability and serialisation marketplace. We have firsthand experience of implementing all the key platforms available and our knowledge of the various partner’s strengths and weaknesses is second to none.

Informed We possess the most up to date legislative information for every market, worldwide, covering both existing legislation and forthcoming requirements, ensuring fit-for-purpose and long-life solutions.

Independent Our independence within the marketplace guarantees we only ever deliver sound, impartial, trusted advice to our clients.

Expertise Our team’s excellent consulting skills mean they can rapidly apply their extensive knowledge base delivering immediate, targeted help exactly where it is needed.

Optimisation We always strive to deliver maximum value and drive additional benefit from our solutions, optimising our serialisation and traceability solutions beyond just compliance. There are significant benefits to be reaped from a successful serialisation system, over and above basic compliance.

End-to-end Process Support From initial assessment, through supplier selection and platform implementation to training and system support, our holistic, comprehensive yet flexible programmes support our clients every step of the way.

For further information on our traceability and serialisation services please see our website

We have also published a selection of executive briefings and white papers on the topic of serialisation strategy and implementation.

For an initial conversation to discuss our serialisation support services, please act today and contact me at [email protected], we look forward to joining your journey.

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